Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Task 1

Get to know how blogging works:

"Comment" on this post and write about one thing from your own culture that is typically American / German for you. This could be a thing, a certain behaviour, a place, or anything else. Then explain in about 50 words why you think it is typical.


  1. Hey :)

    Something typically german, well...
    Although there are lots of german things I could write about, it's not really easy to find a topic.
    However, I decided to talk a bit about Brezen.
    I think you in the US call them "Pretzels", just to make sure you know what I mean.

    In germany, Brezen are very famous pastries, especially in the south of the country.
    Very typical for Brezen is their "loop", and the salt on them. Some people don't like it and take it off, though I like it.
    Another "Brezen-variant" are the "Salzbrezen".
    They are quite small, compared to the real Brezen and you can buy them in bags, just like chips. You normally eat them as a snack infront of the TV or something. Do you know them in the US?!

    Bye for now (:


  2. Hi!!!!! We have Brezen or Pretzels in the US also. We usually eat them with salt and as a little snack during the day. Sometimes we have Brezen with cheese i think its really yummy!!!! We usually have these at events. We don't usually know pretzels as pastries we usually eat it as a snack!

    One of my favorite things to do is play baseball it is my favorite sport I don't know if you have baseball there but if not I encourage you to try it. Its a fun sport and I love it a lot. It is Americas past time. I love going to the ballpark and smelling the smell of hot dogs on a hot sunny day! Watching my favorite players play seeing a homerun or a great play!! It is so fun I encourage you to go!!!

  3. Yes, we do have Pretzels in America, albeit not quite that popular. You can buy the larger kind at most professional sporting events. The smaller kind are available at most stores that carry food.

    One thing that is popular here is hot dog. We love our hot dogs, we have them at barbecues and baseball games. For example, at baseball games they have a 1Ft. variety.

    That's all I can think of for now.


  4. Hello!!

    well in the U.S. we do eat pretzels.. ALOT We have them at the fairs and amusement parks. some schools have them and they sell them in stores. we have all kinds like the soft ones or the ones that come in a bag or there are these little round pretzels with cheese in them! They are very good! :) So pretzels are pretty popular in the U.S.

    There are also alot of things in the U.S. to do! But alot of people here like sports! we have sports on tv and big stadiums that they play in.
    I am not sure Germany has that but the sports are pretty enjoyable here especially Football and Basketball!

  5. Hi guys!
    First of all: I'm not sure no more, if pasty was to right word. Because our brezen are not sweet and I think pastries normally are, aren't they?! :D
    Well, I think basically, our brezen are pretty much like those you can get at your sporting events ;-)

    Baseball, yeah. Of course I now what it is from all the movies and stuff, and I'm quite sure that it's great fun to do, but I've never done it in my whole life except from trying it on the Wii :D
    I don't think there are so many germans playing Baseball, I've never seen a baseball field anywhere here. But I really hope to see a game during my exchange in April.
    We know hot dogs over here, but they are not as popular as "Döner". Do you guys know Döner?

    @ Tristin
    well, I think there are some football teams over here and also Basketball is quite well-known (the most famous german Basketball player is probably Dirk Nowitzki) but the germans' most popular sport is doubtless soccer!!
    Therefor we have very big stadiums, too. The world cup 2006 took place here in germany and it was an amazing feeling during the whole tournament. I just can't wait for this years world cup. I normally don't watch soccer, but watching it with all your friends, when everybody is for the same team (germany, of course :D) is just great. But it's not just watching it, but also playing football:
    Almost every (little) boy is in a football team and also alot of the girls ;-)


  6. @Anna

    Hmm, well, I'm not quite sure what a Doner(can't do umlaut) is, but I think its a kebab?

  7. Hey hey hey, This is Ashley A! Just out of plain curiosity why are we talking about pretzels? I mean I like them but they are just too salty!

  8. guys go to the movies alot? a reaalygood film out right in is called Twilight it is a big hit here soi was wondering if you guys have seen it? and baseball here is pretty popular but not a popular as footbal.

  9. Anna,
    I love soccer! Although i Don't play it, it is still a great sport. After reading what you wrote I would like to visit Germany sometime soon. Maybe in summer! That would be my number 1 vaction. :) For right now i do not play any sports. But i do like to watch them. out of curiousity do you have a job?

    we can't get a job until we are at least 16 i have had one so far i am 17 now. and i am currently looking for one.. what are some fun things to do there? we like to swim in the summer and ski and snowboard in the winter!


  10. Hi i have never heard of Doner but i'm sure it is good and I know of Dirk Nowitzki he is a really good player but a rival of my beloved team the Denver Nuggets well bye for now!!!

  11. Hey :)

    @ Ryan
    Yeah, Döner is a kebab :D It really is very popular in here in germany.

    I love going to the cinema and yeah, I saw Twilight ;D Did you read the books, too?

    Really?! :D well that's pretty cool :)
    Are you taking part in the exchange with our school? :)

  12. I would love to go to Germany some day. Especially during Oktoberfest!

  13. no I don't think so.. :( But someday soon i would like to.. Are you coming here? That would be cool if we could meet in person. well i am not sure what else to say... umm what do you like to do as a hobby? In colorado there isnt much to do except for the holidays. We have a recreation center that has lights up for christmas and they do fire works every yeay. It is really fun! well bye for now!

  14. Yeah, I'm going to come :D
    In exactly 2 month!
    Can't wait to meet you all ;D
    My hobbies? Well, I love hanging out with my friends a lot. We go to the cinema, make sleepovers, go shopping in munich and so on.
    And I love going to concerts! I'll see the Arctic Monkeys on february 8th (--> just 1 week left *.*). Do you know them?! What kind of music do you guys listen to?

    Bye for now